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Overview of our services and programmes

HLF has a range of services and programmes that aim to help give you the additional motivation, confidence, knowledge, skills, techniques and ideas to help make more informed lifestyle choices around reaching your goals such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Improving fitness
  • Having a better quality of life
  • Having better strength, mobility and balance
  • Remaining independent in older age while being able to do the things they enjoy
  • Managing or improving long term conditions such as pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes

The services and programmes can also be combined.

For example, if losing weight is one of your main goals, combining personal training alongside our weight management programme can help you maximise your results, and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals more quickly.

Our informational talks and workshops aim to give you accurate and unbiased information to help improve your knowledge on a range of key lifestyle health topics such as weight management, ageing well, goal setting, mindset, exercise and nutrition.

More information on these can be found by clicking on the images or going to the ‘Our programmes’ page.

Alternatively, you can contact us via our ‘Contact page’ to see how we can help you.